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2tec2We are a team of flooring specialists with a passion for innovation, design and architecture. We manufacture high tech flooring in Belgium and collaborate with architects, designers and contractors all over the world. Every day we strive for perfection and increased sustainability. Made in Belgium is a mark of quality that our products wear with great pride.

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Bellbridge Wool Carpets

Bellbridge Wool CarpetsBellbridge Patterned Collections encompass products which emphasize texture with well-constructed yarns created by both tufting and woven machinery. The surface loops can be made level, multi-level, or a combination of cut and loop to produce a wide range of sculptural effects. Whether tufted which tend to be more textural and geometric in nature, or woven wilton which are more decorative in attitude, Bellbridge’s patterned loops are the epitome of style and quality.

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C. C. Leathers

CC LeathersC. C. Leathers Inc. provides thousands of leathers for a wide range of applications from upholstery to flooring to wall panels. Their European hides are in the top 5% of premium hides available in the world: all from larger dairy cattle that are brand-free and provide exceptionally large, clean hides. Their European leathers come from tanneries which employ responsible environmental policies and offer chrome-free leathers that are 100% biodegradable and vegetable tanned.

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CM Hospitality

CM HospitalityClayton Miller Hospitality Carpets now called CM Hospitality has been known for its devotion to unique and exquisite design, quality manufacturing, and reliable professional service.Luxury Hotels turn to CM for top quality service in design, planning, and beautiful carpet.
Our team is right there alongside each step of the way to help reach design visions from design in-spiration to physical sample to flooded plans to the shipping dock.

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ConcertexConcertex has a wide selection of wall coverings, faux leathers, and textiles focusing on innovative and environmentally friendly materials. Brand names include Zenus – the industry’s first truly ink and stain resistant textile, Renaissance – a competitively priced green PVC wall covering, Elfin – a performance oriented polyethylene wall covering/upholstery, and NappaTile – the undisputed benchmark of faux leather tiles with installations all across the globe.

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EGE Carpets

EGE Carpets
EGE is one of Europe’s leading companies when it comes to the design, development and production of unique, high-quality carpets with respect for the environment. The company, which was founded in 1938, has moved with the times and possesses the carpet industry’s most modern technology. Ege can supply carpets with any imaginable design and in the industry’s shortest lead time.

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Lilli Leather Furniture

Lilli Leather
Lilli Leather Furniture is made with the finest embossed leathers; in stunning patterns and textures that were created by highly skilled craftspeople throughout Italy. These rare leathers have been carefully selected to become part of a furniture collection that will be handed down to your children.

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LUUM Textiles

LUUM TextilesWe believe that design is most successful when the creative process is paired with a clear performance intent. Whether it’s a problem to be solved or an objective to be met, design is a forward-looking pursuit. We’re always looking ahead and imagining the ways our collections will be used. It’s why we work by hand at the fiber level to understand – and ultimately influence – how our materials will perform in the built environment.

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NappaTileNappaTile – Faux Leather Wall Tiles – brings together rich faux leathers with the artistic elements of mosaic tiles. The hand assembled tiles provides designers with an infinite number of design possibilities. In addition to pre-arranged mosaic designs, custom mosaics can be created in any size from 2”x2” – 42”x42” in over 1,000 different faux leathers, faux suedes, glass beads and textiles. Finishes are available in regular, padded, buttoned and stitched. All standard tiles come pre-backed with 3M peel & stick adhesive for quick and easy installation.

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Shannon Specialty Floors

Shannon Specialty FloorsSince 1921, Shannon Specialty Floors has been solving the commercial flooring challenges of designers, architects, contractors and end users in Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail and Education. These quality flooring products are the next generation of high-performance, resilient flooring. TUF STUF™ High Performance Flooring combines beauty and durable performance with a generous palette of mix-and-match colors to inspire and complement the design of fresh, distinctive motifs.

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Sustainable Materials

Sustainable MaterialsLooking for an impact surface that goes beyond beautiful? We are innovators that combine European manufacturing and high-end design, with products that are better than others and by default are ‘sustainable.’ And we’re tree-huggers at heart, always looking for the next best sustainable materials to provide our clients with the latest in high performance green products for stunning interior designs. 

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